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Public speaking and debating coaching is very different to simply taking drama classes.

The elements of a good presentation

Presenting to audiences represents one of life’s big challenges, but also one of life’s biggest opportunities.  The ability to convince others of your opinion is one of the best markers of success, and requires the ability to persuade groups of varying sizes – from 3 people to 300 – to come round to your point of view.

Persuasive presentations have three critical elements – the matter (or content) of the speech, the method (or structure) used to convey the speaker’s opinion, and the manner (or presentation style) they use when presenting to an audience.  Each is crucial when trying to convince an audience of your opinion –  the best matter is unpersuasive if read off a sheet of paper, and a smoothly delivered speech will make little sense if it isn’t structured in a way that the audience understands.

Developing good presentation skills

Public speaking and debating coaching provides students with the skills necessary to present persuasively across all aspects of life, whether it be convincing an audience of hundreds, answering a question logically and concisely in a classroom or delivering the perfect answer during an interview.  By teaching students the necessary theory behind all three elements, using activities to put that theory into practice and providing feedback to help students further develop, public speaking and debating coaching provides a rounded education on how to present effectively.

The difference between drama and public speaking

This is very different to drama classes.  Whilst drama classes may increase students’ confidence, this is generally only done through games, and involves taking on a fictional persona which may not generalise to other aspects of their life.  Further, it deals only partially with manner, and does not touch upon either matter or method.  As a result drama classes can only ever provide a small number of the overall skills necessary to present persuasively.

Public speaking and debating on the other hand ensures that students are exposed to all elements of good presentation skills, and represents a more balanced approach to developing their confidence.

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