Beginners Speaking Camp (Years 3 – 4)



Mon – Wed, 3 – 5 July 2017 at Kings


Mon – Wed, 10 – 12 July 2017 at Shore

(North Sydney)

This interactive, activity-based three day course aims to introduce the concepts of public speaking and debating to younger primary students with little or no experience in presenting before groups. By providing supportive experiences at a young age, we aim to set a good foundation of confidence and positivity in younger students.

Over the three days, students will enjoy:

  • a range of speaking-based activities and games, both as individuals and as part of small groups;
  • being exposed to the fundamentals of debating, giving them a leg up for later primary when debating begins to kick off at school; and
  • a positive, fun and welcoming environment for them to develop their newfound skills with confidence.

As with all our programs, class sizes are kept small to ensure that students are provided with a supportive environment where they are able to obtain individualised feedback from one of our experienced coaches.

If your student has previously attended our Beginners Speaking Camp course, given their age and the nature of the activities, they are likely to benefit from attending multiple programs, taking new skills and abilities away from each holiday.  This said, we also offer our Young Speakers program for Year 3 – 4 students, which allows students to apply the skills they have developed in this course in novel and interesting contexts.


Event Details

Date: July 2017

Start time: 09:00

End time: 15:00

Directions: Students should bring lunch, a snack, a drink bottle and a hat.

Phone: +61 404 107 372



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