Practice Debates (Years 7 – 9)



Tues – Wed, 4 – 5 July 2017 at Kings


Tues – Wed, 11 – 12 July 2017 at Shore

(North Sydney)

This two day course is aimed at providing experienced debaters with the opportunity to both participate in a number of practice debates and develop some new skills along the way.  The program is suitable for students that:

  • are looking for some practice in the off-season;
  • would like the opportunity to improve their skills, or tackle any key areas that they find difficult;
  • have previously attended our Foundations of Debating course; or
  • have already attended Practice Debates previously, and want to come back for some more practice!

It is important for all debaters that they are given regular exposure to new ideas, topics and skills to ensure that they are perpetually at the top of their game.  As such, in this course:

  • each of the classes will be kept small, so as as to ensure that there is sufficient opportunity for each and every student to speak in multiple practice debates;
  • we will allocate an appropriate and talented coach, with many years experience in debating, to provide the students with guidance and individualised feedback; and
  • students will be given exposure to various concepts and ideas with the view to improving their understanding of debating as a whole.

As is the case with our Debating Club course, the content of this course will change from holiday to holiday to ensure that no two courses are the same.  We provide our coaches with abundant materials which they can pick and choose from, allowing them to tailor the course to the individual circumstances of the students that are present before them.  Given this, there is ample benefit for students who attend this course over and over again!


Event Details

Date: July 2017

Start time: 09:00

End time: 15:00

Directions: Students should bring lunch, a snack, a drink bottle and a hat.

Phone: +61 404 107 372



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