Where we fit in the wider world public speaking and debating.

How does Sydney Speaking School fit into the public speaking and debating community?


Sydney Speaking School doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Our belief in improving presentation skills across the board means that we (and the other member Australian Speaking Schools) involve ourselves as much as we can in the national debating and public speaking scenes. Whilst this may be something small, like helping a student with a simple question about an upcoming speech or hanging back after courses to explain to a parent what they can do practice with their child at home, we also try and do some big things here and there.

If you are involved with or know of a not-for-profit speaking event or institution that could benefit from our sponsorship, financial or otherwise, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we are always trying to do what we can to increase the love of public speaking nation wide!

ACT Junior Premier Debating Competition – Gold Sponsor

ACT Fictional Worlds Debating Competition – Gold Sponsor

ACT Debating Union, Second Semester 2017

The ACT Junior Premier and Fictional Worlds Debating Competitions are the largest competitions for Years 5 – 10 students in Canberra, where our sister organisation Canberra Speaking School operates.  Run throughout Term 3 by the ACT Debating Union (ACTDU), both competitions allow the best and brightest debaters in the ACT to compete with one another to improve their persuasive skills and vie for the championship trophy.

Importantly, the money which was provided to the ACTDU is used for a bursary system, and allows schools from disadvantaged backgrounds that can’t afford the registration fee to compete in the tournaments. Debating is sometimes viewed as something which is only accessible to the middle class, and so we are very proud to be able to support this initiative that allows a greater number of students from low socio-economic backgrounds to be exposed and trained in the art.

Australasian Wom*ns Debating Championships – Sponsor

Australian National University, September 2017

The Australasian Wom*ns Debating Championship (usually shortened to ‘Wom*ns’) is one of the four major tournaments that Australian universities participate in. Given that society often puts the views of men before those of women, and that most debaters (both at school and university) are male, this tournament provides an opportunity for those who identify with the gender that is unfortunately and often unfairly sidelined to express their opinions on a variety of topics.

We at Sydney Speaking School are firmly of the view that women should be given the same platform as men to speak in public, and encouraged to use that platform as often as they can. It is with great pride that we have sponsored this event.

Australian Debating Championships – Silver Sponsor

University of Wollongong, April 2017

The Australian National Debating Championship (affectionately known as ‘Easters’) is the premier novice debating tournament in Australia, and is very close to our hearts. Unlike most other debating tournaments, Easters is pro-am, meaning that each team is made up of one experienced debater, and two novice debaters, with the view to introducing new students from all backgrounds to the world of university debating. It is often the first tournament high school graduates attend, and is the source of many fond memories for many of our coaches.

We at Sydney Speaking School are proud to have sponsored this event.

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