Term Courses

Accessible and informative weekly courses which seek to provide ongoing guidance and practice to school students between our intensive holiday programs.



new speaking skills and techniques.



in a welcoming and comfortable environment.


your ability as a public speaker and debater.

Why term time


Whilst we generally recommend our more intensive holiday programs, we understand that this is not a realistic medium for some parents, and that some students would also benefit from more ongoing coaching.  Our weekly classes look at providing students with ongoing opportunities to learn, practice and refine the skills that they learn through our programs, and to facilitate continuous learning which will stick with the students throughout their school years right through their lives.

As such, we offer a number of programs to students throughout Sydney with our partner organisations.  Whilst our partners arrange the venue and booking processes, we provide the coaches and have complete creative control over the content, meaning that every one of our partner term programs is quintessentially Sydney Speaking School.

Term 2 Programs

Ryde Campus

302/5-9 Devlin Street, Ryde


In Term 2, 2018, we will be running a number of programs at our Ryde Campus, being:

+ an early primary presentation skills program for students in Years 1 – 2 on Wednesdays;

+ beginner and experienced debating programs for students in Years 3 – 6 on Wednesdays.

Each of the programs is tailored towards providing students with the practice necessary to present in front of a group, and concludes with a presentation to parents at the end of the term.

How to book: If you are interested in joining a class at our Ryde Campus, or would like more information, please get into contact with our Ryde Campus Manager Kitty by email at csedu.ryde@gmail.com, or by telephone on 9807 9222 or 0490 088 626.

Chatswood Campus

Level 1, 66-70 Archer Street, Chatswood


During Term 2, 2018, we will be running courses at our Chatswood Campus on Mondays and Thursdays, including:

+ a public speaking program for students in Years 3 – 4 and 5 – 6 on Mondays; and

+ a debating program for students in Years 3 – 4 and 5 – 6 on Thursdays.

Both of these programs are designed to give students plenty of opportunities to both learn the theory that underlies each discipline, and to develop their skills through practical activities.  Each course ends with a demonstration to parents of what they have learned.

How to book: If you are interested in joining classes at our Chatswood Campus, or would like more information, please get into contact with our Chatswood Campus Manager Maggie by email at info@panda-college.com, or by telephone on 0404 095 999.

Knewton (Castle Hill) Campus

34/3-9 Terminus Street, Castle Hill


In Term 2, 2018, we will be running multiple programs at the Knewton (Castle Hill) Campus, including:

+ an early primary presentation skills course for Year 1 – 2 students on Thursdays (4:00pm – 6:00pm) and Saturdays (9:00am – 11:00am); and

+ an introductory public speaking program for Year 3 – 6 students on Saturdays (11:00am – 1:00pm).

Both programs are tailored towards providing students with a practical introduction to presentation skills and public speaking repectively, and focus on developing positive speaking habits for students.  They also concludes with a presentation to parents at the end of the term.

How to book: If you are interested in joining a class at our Knewton (Castle Hill) Campus, or would like more information, please get into contact with our Knewton (Castle Hill) Campus Managers Irene and Mimi by email at info@knewton.com.au, or by telephone on (02) 8840 9638.

NSCC (Castle Hill) Campus

8/267 Old Northern Rd, Castle Hill


During Term 2, 2018, we will be running a public speaking program for students in Years 3 – 6 on Thursdays between 6:00pm and 8:00pm.

Like all our programs, this is a fun, activity based course that aim to give primary students a head start on speaking and speech writing skills, self-expression and critical thinking.  It will finish at the end of term with a presentation to parents.

How to book: If you are interested in joining classes at our Castle Hill Campus, or would like more information, please get into contact with our NSCC (Castle Hill) Campus Manager Libby by email at castlehill@north-shore.com.au, or by telephone on 0410 715 136.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do your partnership programs work?

Our term course partnerships are actually pretty simple arrangements.  Most importantly, we provide both the coaches and the materials, and retain complete creative control over what is taught in the courses.  Whilst our partner organisations can request that we look toward reaching certain learning objectives, we are responsible for determining the teaching method by which we get there.  We also specify the maximum class sizes in order to keep classes small.  This is all very important to us, as it ensures that we are able to provide the quality courses for which we are known.

With this very important exclusion, the classes otherwise operate as if they were normal sessions organised by the partner organisation. This means that the sessions are run at the partner organisation’s venue, and that all of the booking processes are undertaken by the partner organisation. Whilst we are more than happy to discuss the program in further detail before you join, once this has happened we will invariably refer you on to a representative of the partner organisation, whom we trust, to complete the enrollment process.

Do you do private tuition?

Unfortunately, due to the demand for private tuition, we have temporarily pulled out of providing this service due to the administrative burden it was putting on us.  This was necessary to ensure that the quality of our term and holiday programs wasn’t compromised.

This said, we are hoping to enter into a partnership with another tutoring organisation which will allow our coaches to provide tuition without placing such a large administrative burden on Sydney Speaking School, so please watch this space – we will let everyone know as soon as an agreement is reached!

What is Sydney Speaking School?

Sydney Speaking School is a privately run organisation which seeks to improve public speaking and debating skills for school age students.

We are not your usual coaching college operation – born from the idea that everyone, regardless of their natural ability, can speak publicly and speak well, we run a variety of courses both during the school holidays and school term with the view to helping students develop their skills and speak with confidence.

In order to achieve this goal, we do not have a ‘brick and mortar’ base, but rather run our programs through partner organisations and on school campuses. However, given the importance of spreading a culture where all students can speak with confidence, we make sure that our courses are open to all students regardless of where they come from.

What is your teaching philosophy?

Our teaching philosophy has three tiers.

Firstly, the safety of the students is paramount.  We do not allow our coaches to conduct any activities unless the students are safe.

Secondly, the students need to have fun.  We have no illusions that these are our students’ school holidays, afternoons and weekends, and that the only way they’ll listen and pick up skills is by enjoying themselves.  We use a range of techniques to ensure that the students maintain their attention by mixing up theory with practice, and by using games that teach public speaking without the students even realising that they’re actually being taught something new.

Thirdly, the students should learn.  Importantly, we believe in learning by doing – that students will only walk away with a new set of skills if they have had the opportunity to practice them.  This is why we keep class sizes small – to ensure that every student has an opportunity to speak, and that every student gets ample personalised feedback so they can improve.

Why Sydney Speaking School?

Aside from our teaching philosophy being almost unique in a world of increasingly mass produced education, Sydney Speaking School is a business that has grown out of the idea that every student is able to speak in public with a little practice.

The founders of Sydney Speaking School, Mark Slaven and Daniel Dummer, were both rather average public speakers during their school years.  Both joined the university debating circuit at university, and were roundly defeated in their early tournaments.  It was only through perseverance and hard work that they both grew as public speakers, eventually winning various competitions around Australia and competing in international tournaments.

Sydney Speaking School is the type of program they wish they could have attended when they were at school.

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